Maura wants a costume

For two weeks now, she’s badgered me about this.

“Costume? I want costume.”

Multiply that by 5 billion or so, and that’s how many times she’s said it.

What kind of costume? Oh, you know, she wants a Pinkie Pie costume.

photo credit - my friend's FB profile - lol!
Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie

Now, seeing as my girl is tall, finding a costume in her size that is age appropriate isn’t easy. Most costumes in her size are those horrible “sexy Snow White” stuff that should be banished forever anyway. But definitely not for Maura. That said, last Halloween we found a Twilight Sparkle costume in the “teen” section that wasn’t too risque, even if I had to buy a woman’s 14 to fit her (mind you, she’s not, it was just meant to be that tight and small) and that we could fit over leggings and a shirt.

But now she wants a Pinkie Pie outfit.

In June.


I tried buying a pink summer dress from Old Navy. She likes it, but it’s not screaming Pinkie Pie to her. When I told someone this, their response was “Guess its time to break out the sewing machine.”

It’s not that simple. I mean, it could be, but first, I have to find patterns and stuff. So I typed in magic keywords into Pinterest and handed my phone over to Maura as we waited for food one day, and I watched her reactions as she scanned the pins.

What she really liked was this pin for…of course…shoes. White tennis shoes painted two shades of pink with Pinkie’s cutie mark (wow, none of this makes sense if you’re not way into MLP .) So okay, shoes, paint, I can manage this.

She also liked a pink skirt that someone added cutie mark balloons too.

I’m sensing a theme here – I just need to add cutie marks to stuff.

So if you don’t hear from me in a few days, it’s because I’ve either sewn myself to the table, or Maura’s got more big ideas on what I can make for her. Right now, I have to learn how to paint shoes.