The Bloggess challenged me today #nationalselfieday

Okay, so The Bloggess didn’t come down from her glittering cloud of mayhem, riding a narwhal or anything. She just posted something saying it was national selfie day, and then something about David Tennant and sloths.

Obviously, this was her calling out directly to me, to personally challenge me to take a selfie.

Mind you, I don’t do selfies much. I either look moon-faced or maniacal, or a moon-faced maniacal murderer.

But apparently, having my sleep interrupted twice this week by a good-natured 13 year old, I have little good judgement left. Also, I can do ridiculous selfies.

So I offered these photos to The Bloggess’s Facebook thread. Then realized these gems must be shared with the world. So here you go. My face. Unwashed. Pre-coffeed. Bedheaded and maybe a bit bleary-eyed. Or, you know, reality.

Me, a tiny Matt Smith, a TARDIS, and a Slippery Soap that's older than half my kids.
Me, a tiny Matt Smith, a TARDIS, and a Slippery Soap that’s older than half my kids.


Me, the TARDIS, tiny Matt, and tiny dog
Me and She Who Has Given Up Sleeping At Night
Her face! OMG HER FACE! LOL! We love making faces in the camera.
I may have nibbled slightly on the tiny tribble. As you can tell, she’s not only used to it, but so not traumatized. Instead, you can almost here her thinking “My God woman, are you done yet?”


She is sweet. I shall keep her.
She is sweet. I shall keep her.