Today in life…

Extended School Year (ESY) started up again. I’m so happy Maura qualifies for it because all I’ve heard since school has let out from her is “Class? I like class. Class?”

The girl wanted to go to class.

Today, she got to go.

However, she noticed the bus pulled up from a different direction. And she got all “Nope. Not my bus, keep moving, you’re coming from the wrong direction. My bus always heads south, not north.”

Or, at least, that’s how I interpreted her “No…bus…” and pointing north.

(I think it’s north. I’m not really sure. We’ll pretend it is north.)

I explained that she rides a different bus for summer. And she understood. I love it when we understand each other. I understood the question, she understood the answer. It shows that all our hard work pays off. I say “our hard work” because when you have a child with a communication disorder, as a parent, it’s easy to fall into the rut of silence. I can easily anticipate Maura’s needs most of the time. She gets really comfortable in that rut as well. Basically, we both get a little lazy. So lately, I’ve been working on prompting her to explain herself more, be more vocal, show me, more interpretive dance moves – anything but her stare of “Can you read my mind?” that she’ll do. I still don’t expect Shakespeare from her. I would be totally cool with scripting. I expect her to quote Doctor Who to me.


She had a great first day of ESY and came off the bus ready for lunch, because it was lunchtime, and learning makes my kids hungry. So does breathing and being awake. I made her a sandwich and got her some applesauce. She was happy. I went on the computer. She foraged for something more and came to me with one of those ice pops, a blue one, in need of cutting open.

“LOOK!” she said, showing it to me. “STAR!” she stated, pointing to the word “STAR” written on the ice pop packaging, as I bought the Star Wars themed ones.

“VERY GOOD!” I said. And yes, we communicated in all caps because my daughter pointed out a word to read to me. Because she’s learning to read. BECAUSE SHE COULD READ THAT WORD AND IT’S FRICKEN AWESOME AND EXCITING!

Really, we’re having a terrific day today. And that’s not just all the caffeine in me talking. Though that was nice too!