I should write something

I had every intention of not falling off the blogging horse this summer. Except that I did.

Something about life with Maura full time means I have to pick and choose what I get done. It works better if I try to accomplish something that I can be interrupted from or stop and start up again 438 times. Extended school year wasn’t as extended as I’d wished, and now we have a month before school starts up again.

So no, the writing – which requires a train of thought longer than thirty-nine seconds – isn’t going well.

I did have this idea that maybe I could stay up later. I’m naturally inclined to be a bit of a night owl. Yet we’re also inclined not to mess with Maura’s schedule, so she’s up at 7 am no matter what. Or earlier, like this morning.

I am getting a lot of coffee drinking done.

The one thing that’s stood out to me this summer is I feel I’m getting a preview as to what life will be like in a few short years, when the older three are all off being young adults. More and more now, Maura and I are getting left on our own. The good news is, despite being an official teenager now, Maura and I still get along fabulously. Also, my Spidey Senses are still strong. Like yesterday. Yesterday, it was the two of us, and she went outside to play, and I sat down to read, and got half a page in when I realized she wasn’t in my sight lines anymore. Someone hadn’t secured the gate and she had gone out front (the good news is that this time, she shut the gate behind her so the dogs didn’t get out…so…progress?)

I’ve had to stop three times to give Maura my attention while writing this.

The hilarious part to me is that Maura’s sort of over summer as well. It’s been a week since ESY ended, and she’s already packed her backpack and asked three times for school. I tried showing her the calendar, and how we have a whooooooole month before school starts. So she took matters into her own hands, and fixed the calendar in an attempt to make time move faster.


Obviously the girl watches too much Doctor Who and believes that time really is a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff that one can manipulate just by crossing off the days on the calendar. But she was so proud of her solution to the lack of school problem. “There!” she announced, showing off her handiwork.

One of the older siblings saw this and sighed. “We just got that calendar.”

And that basically sums up summer so far. I’m going to make more coffee.