Dear Converse

Hi. How are you? We’re doing great here.

I’m just writing this blog post because you guys, inadvertently, did something to bring some more independence to my daughter.

We love our Converse sneaks in this household. Especially me. But when I brought home a pair of black ones from the store the other day, Maura instantly snagged them.


And she wore them all day. But she also kept coming up to me going “Mom…help…” because the shoelaces came untied. She can’t tie shoe laces, and though I’ve tried to turn her onto those snazzy laces that don’t need tying, she insists on having regular laces like everyone else. So, I tie a lot of shoes for her.

But when I went to the store a few days later, I noticed a pair of Converse sneakers…with elastic backs and the laces done up in a way that I realized “OMG they don’t need tying!”

I grabbed a pair in Maura’s size, and brought them home.

“LOOK! SHOES!” I exclaimed.

And she was all “Mom, help?”

And I was all “No, you can do this yourself.”

And then she sat down and put on her new Converse sneakers ALL BY HERSELF. In the time it would take any thirteen year old girl to put them on.

So I’m blogging about this to let others know that there are Converse sneakers that teens with motor skill issues could actually manage themselves possibly, and still be all totally on trend.

Even better? They’re too narrow for her wide-footed sister to steal. I know, because they’re too narrow for me as well, lol!