Keeping your coffee safe during those bumpy shopping trips #lifehack

Do you ever do something, something you do a lot, and one day as you’re doing it, realize “Gee, this may seem weird…” and then you laugh and take a photo because it is a bit weird at first glance?

Example A – I buckle my coffee in when we grocery shop.


There’s my little precious iced latte, looking so adorable, sitting up all by its little self in the seat of the shopping cart. But my latte could slide around, potential spilling, if I don’t consider its safety. That’s why I buckle it in. To keep it from sliding, to keep it from spilling its precious caffeine-laden contents, so no harm comes to it during our shopping trip.

Safety first people!

I would suggest, however, not to talk to it or call it “My precious” out loud while shopping. People might see that as more than just peculiar. Not that I’ve ever talked to my coffee. That would be weird. Right coffee? Right.