My totally unasked for, unpaid for, review of the new show “Speechless”

Have you heard about the new show “Speechless“? It’s about a family. A comedy about a family. A comedy about a mom, dad, and three siblings. The “twist” is that the oldest sibling has cerebral palsy.

I love this show already. I had to give it a chance because it was a a show about someone with a disability that wasn’t autism…ooo…different! And it was a bit relatable from the get go as Maura doesn’t always speak, or speak clearly, or even speak at times. I was kind of unintelligible as a child myself with my own speech disorder, so yeah, you mention the word “speech” and my ears perk up.

So why do I love this show?

Let me count the ways.

  1. It’s just funny. Hilariously funny.
  2. Minnie Driver. We <heart> her.
  3. The family interaction. They act like a family.
  4. The sibling interaction. The siblings act like siblings, not two able-bodied siblings doting and coddling the “poor” disabled sibling.
  5. The character of J.J. is written as if, oh, I don’t know…like he’s a teenager.
  6. A new hand gesture.
  7. The fact that as I was making my husband watch it (and as we both cracked up), two of my teens wandered out, and then they were all “OMG what IS this show?” and laughing at it.
  8. The actor playing J.J., Micah Fowler, is actually disabled. What a novel concept Hollywood!
  9. The parents are equally smart and witty and attractive (as opposed to the smart woman married to Neanderthal Dad or flighty mom who can’t keep up with smart kids.)
  10. It’s not tragic.

Seriously, we’re giving it thumbs up here. At the end of the show, Miriam turned and said “Can we write for this show???”

FYI – I’m totally up for that ABC if you need some help.