Can we just enjoy the fecking moment?

Last night, driving home, there was a house lit up in Christmas lights.

Christmas. Lights.

It’s still October people. And we have two holidays between today and Christmas.

On Facebook, I’m seeing all these countdowns, usually with Will Farrell’s Elf dude in the meme about how it’s only so many weekends until Christmas!!!! (extra exclamation points required by law.) X amount of weekends people!!! GET INTO THE FECKING HOLIDAY MOOD NOW!!!!


Meanwhile, slacker me still has a pumpkin to carve, because I’m not ready for the legit holiday coming up. Though now, I want to throw said uncarved pumpkin at people.


Because all of this is crazy making and ruining the fucking holidays for most of us. The Christmas season has gotten too long – and I’m Catholic. I enjoy a good Advent. And because the Christmas season is now starting in freaking October, by December 26th, all the people who are playing Christmas tunes in October and decorating November 1st are soooooo over Christmas and start posting pictures of super cleaned up houses with no trace of holiday left and bragging about the clean fresh space and unclutteredness while the rest of us are still possibly celebrating the Christmas season with another family party or, if you’re Italian, an Epiphany Dinner on January 6th. By January 15th, the early holidayers are now judging me because my lights are still up while complaining how dreary January is.

And I’m officially over it.

I’m over the holiday frenzy that’s supposed to last for three months. I’m over Christmas taking precedence over everything else that happens between September 15th and December 1st. I’m tired of being judged for having my lights still up two weeks after Christmas when you’ve had yours up for three months before the holiday. I don’t want to hear Christmas music in October, but there it is on the radio. I know. I heard it, then looked for a cliff to drive my car off of because OMG make it stop!

I’m not a Scrooge. I actually love Christmas. I love the season. But I also love Halloween, and autumn that’s supposed to stretch through November, and getting handprint turkeys from the kids, and watching my husband cook a turkey on Thanksgiving, and celebrating the little holidays like St. Nicholas Day and the Epiphany. I actually like shopping in December to find a last minute gift, and don’t want to have that all done so I can then do fifteen different Pinterest-inspired “New Traditions!”. I’m over New Traditions! I’d like to keep my old ones, thank you. And that Elf on the Friggen Shelf can just stay on the Target shelf.

Tell you what? I’ll try to turn a blind eye to your Christmas tree up on November 1st if you ignore the fact that mine is still up January 15th, m’kay?

Meanwhile, I have to get working on our family tradition of “Oh crap, it’s October 29th and a kid needs a costume.” followed by “Geez, maybe I should carve the friggen pumpkin already.” tradition on October 30th.