This is where I publicly shame Facebook


Do me a favor-

Go to your Facebook page. Go to the search box. Type in “retard”. Now, see how many results come up? Take out the ones in foreign languages. Still leaves a large number of groups out there.

Feel free to report them to Facebook. But let me tell you one thing – they will keep that page up and tell you that it doesn’t violate community guidelines.

What brought this rant about?

A Fabeook page called Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder – or TARD for short.


Let me repeat – TARD.

Now, I’m not linking the site because nope. But one of their photos is a “calm down kit” with PECS pages. PECS – also known as Picture Exchange Communication System – something my daughter uses. Something many students with disabilities use. Because TARD.

Elsewhere, I learned that they listed the symptoms of TARD and one of its co-morbities is autism.

Because TARDS have autism. TARDS need the PECS system.


But Facebook finds this okay. This is an acceptable community group. As is all the other “retard” inspired group names like

And He was a Ra-Tard

atheists and evo-TARDS think they can trick me

Smokin’ Tards

Fuck Tards (that one is “just for fun!”)

Retard Town

Retarded Things NFL Fans Say

Retard Incorporated

Retarded Space Monkey


There’s more…but I’m tired. And Facebook is okay with this. I reported it and got the generic “This doesn’t violate community guidelines” reply. As my friend said, “It’s a shame there wasn’t a picture of a nursing mother there. My friends are reporting it as I type. I fully expect Facebook to send them the same generic response. Facebook doesn’t care that my daughter with intellectual disabilities or my friends sons with autism are used as bad political humor fodder.


ETA – Hey! You know what? Maybe if everyone who reads this post  also reports that one Facebook page I talked more about, maybe Facebook will get the hint that we as a society do not find this acceptable.

Wanna take the report challenge? LOL!