Apparently, Maura wasn’t geeky enough

Those who have been following the blog know that Maura is a Doctor Who fan. And by Doctor Who fan, I mean, she has her favorite episodes (“Silence in the Library” has been played on repeat for days at a time), a favorite companion (Donna, because we raised her right), and understands the whole regeneration thing better than many adults (she has equal love for both Ten and Eleven).


Maura and her TARDIS – 2012


On weekends, Maura and Josh both wake up earlier than most. For a while, Josh was going through all of “Star Trek” – to the point, where Maura would start asking for “Captain”. Here, she’s more discriminating – she prefers Picard.

Again, because we’re raising her right.

But there’s a new level of geekery happening – Josh has discovered Mystery Science Theater. And in an attempt to not watch “Shrek the Musical” yet again, he took control of the tv yesterday morning from Maura, and turned on MST3K.

And Maura loves it.

She’s on her third movie this morning.

At least I know where she’s at, right?

But this is a new level of geek cred she’s gotten. Really, forget Girl Scouts, she could join Geek Scouts and earn badges for geeky shows and favorite episodes. She could earn the Tribble Patch or the Companion Patch….then put it on her super awesome vest or backpack….

How do we make this a thing?