Maura will be home in fifteen minutes

Time goes by in a funny fashion in our house. Between 6:20 am and 7 am, it flies. There’s barely enough time every morning to wake up and get Maura ready for the bus’s early arrival.

Then, I have between 7 am and 2:30 pm to do whatever I want.

Well, whatever I want within reason.

Well, whatever I want, but maybe after I go purchase more toilet paper and pay that one bill and get gas in the car.

Well, maybe whatever I want if I have time once I get home from errands, or in between doing that thing that actually has to be done.

Well, maybe I’ll just binge-watch some Netflix because omgitsrainingagain.

But after all that, there’s time to do whatever I want.

7 am to 9 am goes by in a blink. Then I run around doing stuff, and it’s noon. Or one pm and I haven’t had lunch yet. And I look up five minutes later, and it’s 2:15.

Daytime hours go by quickly here.

And then my alarm on my phone chimes for school release time. And five or ten minutes later, Maura will come off the bus.

This is where time goes a bit wonky.

Time sometimes speeds along, as it does. Time sometimes drags so slowly, you’d think I’d asked it to clean its room. Time sometimes goes by in a blink only to then go almost backwards. Some afternoons, I keep busy, keeping up with Maura, making the after school snack or encouraging her to do something other than watch tv. Other days, I’m thirty seconds behind her in all things as she whirls about creating chaos. Sometimes, we just curl up on sofas, my legs over hers, and we pass the afternoon away idly.

Then it’s five pm and I think I should start dinner. I look up two minutes later and it’s 6:15. Time passes so quickly then!

But at 7 pm, the clock stops some days, even as I will it to get to 8 pm as quickly as possible. 8 pm is Maura’s bedtime, and I can do that thing I wanted to do, maybe watch a show without animation.

And now, my fifteen minutes are up. The alarm for the school bus’s arrival has gone off, and once again, time flew by. I swear I just sat down five minutes ago.