Music Monday – “Faith”

So if you’re driving about the Seattle suburbs and pull up next to an SUV that, quite frankly, looks like every third SUV on the road, you may notice this one has got its windows down and music blaring, and a mother/daughter duo singing along.

That is most likely to be us.

Maura has an eclectic taste in music. No, she hasn’t gotten into “Hamilton” as of yet – that’s still her big sister’s territory. But she can go from Moana to Bruno Mars in 3.54 seconds. It’s like how she can go from watching “Doctor Who” to “Wonderpets” – this is just how it works.

We have found a middle ground in the movie “Sing!” – a cartoon movie about animals who sing, and an X Factor type song contest. All the music though, is contemporary. So in hopes of calming down Maura’s need to search YouTube for every video made from the movie, I bought the CD.

And now we play it in the car all the time.

All. the. time.

But it’s got Queen & David Bowie doing “Under Pressure” and Stevie Wonder as well, so you know, things could be worse.

So when you pull up next to that SUV and hear music and see that mother/daughter duo – or trio, if Miriam’s with us – you could be hearing this…