Five minutes

“Mom. Mom. Come on Mom!”

“Can you wait five minutes Maura?”

“Okay!” Maura goes over to the refrigerator where we have a timer, and sets it for fifty minutes.

What the outside world sees – “Wow, your kid has no concept of time.”

What I see – “OMG she finally gets that sometimes you have to wait and she’s cool with it and this is huge!”

These are the little things that are big in our world. The concept of waiting five minutes. The idea of what the days of the week are. What “tomorrow” means. These are concepts Maura struggles with. And every time she gets one of them, it’s a big huge step in our world.

“Okay. Leaving.” Maura says, her backpack on.

“Leaving for what?”


“You want the bus to come take you to school?”


I take her to the calendar and explain today is Sunday. School is closed on Sunday. But the bus will come on Monday, which is tomorrow.

She gets it and puts her backpack away. Because she gets it.

Of course, this is all still a work in progress, as one day this week, Maura wanted me to do something and I said no. She looked at me and said “Okay, five minutes.” She was giving me five minutes to change my mind, which is considerate of her I think.