We had a power outage last night and Maura handled it as expected

19 Oct

The Puget Sound region has entered True Fall – where it suddenly goes grey and rainy, with a few good blustery storms thrown in. Leaves don’t fall gently to the ground here, they’re ripped off in 50 mph wind gusts one night.

It wasn’t too bad actually yesterday. A bit rainy, a bit blustery, actually a bit warmish out.

And then, five minutes after I started stew in the Instant Pot…



We blinked at each other. The lights blinked back on, only to blink back off. We blinked at each other again.

The lights stayed off.

It wasn’t quite dark out yet, so at first, we couldn’t tell if it was us or the neighborhood. The husband checked the fuse box. Nope, not us. I had, ironically, organized the candle cabinet (what, you don’t have a cabinet full of things to light up?) so grabbed a few. And Maura started mourning the loss of wifi on her tablet.


Oh yes.

Josh called the electric company to report the outage.

I tried to explain electricity and how it works to Maura. I also explained why she couldn’t have  a real candle, found her battery-operated lantern, distracted her for three minutes with the light up ghost, and went back to explaining how wifi works on electricity, and we had no power.

“No power????”

The teenage girl came home, her phone on 4% battery.

It was like the 1800’s in here folks.




I distracted people with ice cream cake leftovers – because, well, one should eat the ice cream first as it’ll melt in a power outage.

Maura dropped her slice on the new area rug.


I cleaned ice cream out of the new area rug by the flicker of battery powered candlelight.

The eldest, Collin, came home from work. We discussed flashlights and such. He went out back to his space.

“No power.” Mourned Maura.

“Nope, they’re working to fix it though.” I said.

“Maura, why don’t you play with your dolls?” Miriam the sister suggested.


“How about you read your books?” I suggested.

“No. Collin! Where Collin?”

“Collin’s out back in his room.”

“COLLIN!” Maura pulled out her cell phone. Punched in numbers. “Collin? No power.”

And I realized what she was doing – she was calling her brother to fix the power. Because he can fix the tv, and fix the internet, surely he can get it all working again. But since her cell phone is an old powerless one form 2009, the call didn’t go through.

Maura hurmphed. She sat on the sofa. She picked up the remote. The lights of the remote lit up as she pressed the buttons, trying to get stuff to turn on.

“The power isn’t working honey, you just have to wait.”

Waiting is not one of Maura’s skills. Instead, she pulled a coat out of the closet, and grabbed an umbrella, muttering something about Collin as she headed to the back door. A girl doesn’t have to be verbal to make her intentions known.

“Maura! No! You can’t go out in the rain to go get Collin. Collin can’t fix the power.” I said before telling her to hang the coat back up. This lead to her knocking three games out of the closet shelf, giving Miriam something to do while Maura mourned verbally the loss of power.

Finally Josh said “Maura, get your coat, let’s go out.”

Maura was happy to wave us goodbye and leave this powerless place of ours. Only to spend the outing asking Dad “Where Mom?”

You just can’t win sometimes.

I texted Josh to let him know when the power finally came back on (three hours after it went out) and Maura cheered when she saw the lights were back on. “LIGHTS! POWER! WOOHOOOOO! MOM! LOOK! POWER!”

And she went happily to bed. Because thank God, it was bedtime. I was exhausted from all the power outage



3 Responses to “We had a power outage last night and Maura handled it as expected”

  1. Renee Anne October 20, 2017 at 12:15 am #

    Sounds like my younger one on the plane back to San Francisco from Chicago… wifi means no YouTube. Listening to that child scream and kick me and hit and be a rotten little shit for 2+ hours on a crowded flight was not my idea of fun. The looks that boy got. ::sigh::

    • Phoebe October 20, 2017 at 12:27 pm #

      oh man…

      FYI – if your device has Netflix, you can download shows to watch. Which is what we did for a road trip.

  2. Jeanie Tortoisefly November 2, 2017 at 10:06 pm #

    I shudder to think what the next power outage here will be like. Two boys, 10 & 13, and they are glued to their devices. The 13-year-old has just turned into a surly teenager overnight, and this would put him over the edge. 😀

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