This is NOT a pet blog

Someone from some other site – a site about home selling or something to do with homes – emailed me.

“We’d totally love to collaborate with you on your pet blog.”


“We’d totally like to write content for your pet blog, maybe about selling a house with pets?”


“Let us know what you think!”

I didn’t think about it. Until she wrote me back, asking if I was the one to contact about collaborations and such, and if I’d gotten the previous email.

So she got some pro-tips, like “Read the fecking blog first before pitching ideas to me.”, but more polite-like because I am nice.

And no, this is not a pet blog.

Here’s another secret – I don’t even own a cat. I actually am not a fan of cats. I think cats are kinda scary and that they will try to kill me in my sleep.

Yes, everything you thought you  knew…is a lie.

*le gasp*


[image description – kitten putting paw up to mouth, horrified]