We had a power outage last night and Maura handled it as expected

somehow, we survived….barely…

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We were the parents picking and choosing what health services we could afford for our daughter

Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue about his son’s birth and discovery of a heart defect is making the rounds. I won’t lie – I’ve never wanted to hug a celebrity more than I did watching his video. I’m so glad everything is going well so far, and praying it will continue to go well. Near the end…

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A conversation about stuffed raccoons with my teen girl

First – did you know that the plural of raccoon isn’t raccoons? Or maybe spell check just never expected there to be more than one raccoon per sentence. Who knows?  (ETA – spell check keeps red underlining “raccoons” even though raccoons is the correct spelling. I know, I googled it.) But I’m currently reading “Furiously…

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