Anything can happen when you call me…

“I’m sorry, did you just tell your son not to lick the cat?” my friend Jen asked me once as I was babbling about something else.

I paused. “Oh. Yeah. I guess I did.”

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Living on the edge

After running a quick errand the other day, I came home to find my fourteen year old putting on her choir gear. “Um, do you have a concert tonight?” I asked. She looked at me, mirroring my “Oh crap” look.  “I told you last week….” Shoot. I forgot. And to be completely honest, I’d been having…

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Being crafty

So while wasting time perusing Pinterest, I came across this –   My first thought was “Wow, that would be cute in the girls bathroom or the teen girl’s room!” And since I’m a crafty girl in all definitions of the word, my next thought “Why try to find the print for $20 when I could make…

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