Anything can happen when you call me…

“I’m sorry, did you just tell your son not to lick the cat?” my friend Jen asked me once as I was babbling about something else.

I paused. “Oh. Yeah. I guess I did.”

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Easy like a Sunday morning in the ER

When my husband Josh and I got married, we were no strangers to the injuries of childhood. We’d watched ourselves or our siblings be taken in for stitches, knew the signs of concussion, etc. It was just part of growing up. We didn’t have bubble wrap, bike helmets, or helicopter moms in our childhood. We…

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Modern parenting: high school threat edition

In February, Josh and I got to go to Barcelona.  My sister came to watch the kids, and we went off on our well-deserved holiday.  My sister was fabulous, sending updates and pictures and texts about harassing the teens, and I could relax knowing all was well. Until I got an email from our 16 year…

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