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Life with Maura, episode #827

10 Nov

Maura is not the neatest of teens.

Somewhere, my sister is going “Well THAT’S an understatement.”

My sister has spent time with Maura obviously.

But it’s true. Maura and neatness do not go hand in hand. Maura has always been a messy kid, and now she’s a messy teen. We spend too much time wading into her room to shovel it out and tame it back into submission and a semblance of organization that will last two days tops. She can destroy a room in five minutes, leaving it strewn with My Little Ponies and costume bits.

Luckily, we are not Type A people. We don’t freak out at the wake of destruction she leaves. We just sigh and carry on.

Sometimes, I don’t discourage it.

Case in point – a package came to the house, and the contents were packed in lovely pink packing peanuts. Boxes like these are pure joy for Maura, and free sensory play. The box came over two weeks ago and amazingly, it wasn’t until yesterday that it kersploded everywhere.



[image description – a lovely mutli-shades of blue area rug coated in pink packing peanuts, a box of pink peanuts sitting next to it]

I’m guessing it tipped over while Maura’s doll was swimming through the peanuts. Maura looked at the mess and pointed to it. I could hear the implied “Can you clean it up?” I pulled the age-old “You clean it up.” And she did. Mostly. But enough that I could vacuum up the rest, so that was a win.

Maura has also rediscovered apples. She’ll go through phases with some foods, and apples are one of them. Or maybe, I’m the one who goes through the phase where I forget how she handles apples and buy bunches only to end up with a lot of this happening…




[image description – an aqua blue Fiesta plate with three apples, one partially eaten, one with one bite taken out of it, one with two bites taken out of it]

Apples are great. Apples taste good. Apples smell good…until they rot under your couch, or behind the piano, or where ever Maura left the partially eaten apple. Those apples in the picture? Weren’t found like that on a plate. The plate (hers) was left on the coffee table. One apple – the mostly eaten one – was found on the couch. The other two were in her Halloween pumpkin, along with two uneaten apples.

I put the uneaten apples back in the fridge. So if Maura wants one, she can have it. Which means I may be finding a half-eaten apple in my shoe tomorrow.

Should I deny her apples, or free sensory play, because it makes a mess?


Should I train my dog to find half-eaten apples and throw them away for me?






Spamming for a good cause – #LiveAmazing

6 Aug

There are fundraisers happening right now – RIGHT NOW! – all over the internet to benefit the family of The Amazing Alyssa D – all of these are run by friends of the family, proving that the internet can be a truly wonderful place.

Proceeds will help fund funeral costs, a headstone for Alyssa, and anything after that will go towards the family’s idea to start a #LiveAmazing campaign in Alyssa’s honor. So please, check it all out, here’s the list, and thanks!

#LiveAmazing #AlyssaD

#LiveAmazing #AlyssaD


Angels for Alyssa D Fundraiser:

This is a Facebook auction, chock full of handmade with love goodness.  If you love handmade items, or are a crafter, check it out – items include patterns, fabric, yarn, handmade children’s clothing, and so much more!  Check out the photos here… 


Jamberry customs fundraiser:

Jamberry is a this really nifty way to wrap your nails in all sorts of cool prints.  So if you love a good manicure, check them out!



An Origami Owl fundraiser:

Origami Owl is a social selling jewelry business. Create a Living Locket with custom designed charms that tell the story of your life and represent the things you love.


Younique Fundraiser:

3D Lashes, make up, foundation and more!


If none of those items are to your liking, there’s other ways you can donate to the family…

PayPal donations (100% of proceeds to family)

FundForAlyssa @ gmail . com

Go Fund Me (92% of donation to the family, 8% to GoFundMe’s fees)

OH, and I nearly forgot to add my new Starbuck’s Challenge that I posted on the Facebook page!

If you go to Starbuck’s (or any sort of coffee shop) today…or heck….this week…I have a new Starbuck’s Challenge for you.

My challenge for you all this week is to go to Starbucks and “pay it forward” by buying a coffee for the next person in line – or next three – or next five – your choice. Ask the barista to write #LiveAmazing on the gifted cups of coffee, and then post about it here. (Don’t worry, baristas are asked to write stuff on cups all the time, they will be able to play along!)

Why #LiveAmazing? In honor of my friends daughter Alyssa, who passed away last week. That little girl lived an amazing life in seven years, and we just want to remind others to #LiveAmazing too.

Why Starbuck’s? Well, because we all know that parenting requires a bit of a caffeine boost, especially if your child is like Alyssa, who was an early riser!

So go do this. I will too. We’ll all post pictures and bring a little caffeinated smile to someone else’s face.

Oh, and share this as well. Spread the love. #LiveAmazing

Snippets of Today

8 Jun

Sean – Can I make grilled cheese for lunch?

Me – Sure.  Oh, we have ham.  Have you ever had a grilled ham and cheese?

Sean – Not yet.

(Yep, made himself two.)

Sean (handing me one of those “if you can read this” brain teasers) – Can you read this?

Me – reads it off – Yes.

Sean – stands gaping with a “How did you figure that out” look.

Me – Dude, I’m not dumb.

Later on…

Sean – so there’s this vampire hunter, Helsing…

Me – Oh, Van Helsing, yeah.

Sean – You know about Van Helsing????

(Apparently my son thinks I am the village idiot who lives under a rock, bless his heart.)

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the house…

Me, cursing about the dog as I pick up dirty chewed up panties that said dog swiped out of the clothes basket next to the washer.  So when the dog decides to gnaw on an empty Pringles can she swiped out of the recycling…I suddenly don’t mind.

Mental note – buy better recycling can.

I woke up at 5 am this morning to the sound of what I thought was my dog yakking in her kennel.  After her stunt with the step stool yesterday, I was a bit concerned…until I realized the sound was actually these two birds squawking outside my bedroom window.  I considered opening the window and throwing stuff at the birds, but that would have required me getting out of bed.  Luckily, they stopped before I had to get up to throw stuff out the window.  My neighbor’s think I’m pretty normal, I’d like to keep it that way.

I turned on “Singing in the Rain” – I adore Gene Kelly, but now, I adore him more for the smile Maura gets every time she sees the actual “Singing in the Rain” scene.

And now she’s grinning at the Gene Kelly/Cyd Charisse dance scene.

Speaking of Maura, to entertain her yesterday, the boys gave her a dead laptop to play with.  She’s been typing away for two days.  I wonder what she’s trying to communicate…and with whom…

And now the girl’s walking around the living room in the flippers that came with a snorkeling set.  I keep hiding these flippers.  She keeps finding them.

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