Life with Maura, episode #827

Life is full of surprises. You just never think the surprise will be sitting on an apple core.

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Spamming for a good cause – #LiveAmazing

There are fundraisers happening right now – RIGHT NOW! – all over the internet to benefit the family of The Amazing Alyssa D – all of these are run by friends of the family, proving that the internet can be a truly wonderful place. Proceeds will help fund funeral costs, a headstone for Alyssa, and anything after that…

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Snippets of Today

Sean – Can I make grilled cheese for lunch? Me – Sure.  Oh, we have ham.  Have you ever had a grilled ham and cheese? Sean – Not yet. (Yep, made himself two.) Sean (handing me one of those “if you can read this” brain teasers) – Can you read this? Me – reads it…

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