herding cats

Once upon a time, I decided to blog. So I hopped on WordPress and created a blog. I chose a name for it to suit my style from the album title of the same name – Herding Cats.

(The album, by the way, is by Gaelic Storm. My husband bought it for me because he knew I liked Celtic music and he thought the album name was hilarious. And yes, I thoroughly have enjoyed that album.)

I first blogged to keep long-distance family and friends connected, so it never mattered that my blog name and my URL never synced. Then I wrote a post that went viral and suddenly found an audience. I tried to buy the URL for Herding Cats, but someone had parked there with a ten year lease. So I just kept the mismatched blog and URL name.

Six years later, I’m now looking to expand my writing career. But I don’t want to lose my blog. I love my little blog and its audience. It has a purpose still. So, I’ve designed my site to incorporate both my writing and blogging worlds.

If you want to read about life and raising a daughter with disabilities and whatever else pops into my head, just click on the “herding cats” tab above for a handy link to all the categories. If you want to read about my life as a writer, well, I’m working on that tab as well. If you want to just read everything, you’re welcome to do that too. I’m just happy you’re here!