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Dear Target

6 Jul

You know I love you. You and me, we’re bffs4evah.


Nine days ago was our last day of school. NINE DAYS. We’re just now getting used to our summer vacation routine. Needless to say, I was highly unprepared to see ALL the “Back to School!” stuff out at our local Target.

I should’ve seen it coming. Land’s End has already sent me their “Back to School” catalog (which arrived a week before school was over). You started clearance-ing out summer stuff a couple weeks ago, which led to my hasty buying of lawn chairs and outdoor lighting. You’ve been slowing putting up those “dorm life” end caps.

Still, I didn’t expect to see the fully stocked school supply section today.

And I had Maura with me.

Thus began the Great Backpack Struggle 2017. We go through this every year. Maura sees that wall of backpacks and becomes a bit rabid. Backpacks are her thing. HER THING. She just got a new one two weeks ago, after I smuggled out several old busted ones from her room, and hanging up the four she had left. She’s been very happy with her new backpack.

Until two hours ago, when she desperately needed a NEW backpack.


I said no.

She tried to put it in the cart.

I said no, put it back.

She threw the backpack at me.

I told her we were leaving.

There was a meltdown. We spread disability awareness in that particular store. Loudly. Along several aisles, as she was all “Fine! I’m leaving!” and stormed down a few aisles.

But she calmed down. It was very impressive how she pulled it back together. So we got the cart, left by the backpacks, and despite a few longing glances towards the backpacks, we got the heck out of that section.

Oh sure, we ended up with a Poppy from Trolls doll, which made the world better, and is cool because Maura didn’t have a Poppy doll and is obsessed with Trolls, but that’s not the point.

The point is – why is back to school stuff out NINE DAYS after school let out? Seriously? Why? We’re all broke here from end of school stuff and trying to buy all the summer stuff just as summer was finally starting here in the PNW. Now we have to nab up all the pencils and notebooks because they’ll be all gone come August 15th, even though school doesn’t even begin until after Labor Day in September, and some of us won’t even know what we need until the, but by then it’ll be too late to buy school supplies and the Christmas lights will be out…

I know that some of this is being location-specific. I know that some areas of the United States have been out of school since the latter part of May. And that you’re running a large corporation that has to suit the needs of all states. Whether or not that timeline suits everyone involved.

All I know is that for the next six weeks, I can’t take Maura to her favorite store because I don’t need to deal with a meltdown over backpacks every. single. time.

It’s not me, it’s you.

I’ll catch you on the flipside!





Tomorrow’s gonna suck

3 Jan

I’m just going to admit it and embrace the inevitable – tomorrow’s going to suck, and we’re all going to be cranky.

Well, not all of us. No, the one person who’ll manage will be Maura. Maura, the smart one, who stuck to her bedtime/get up time and isn’t wildly off schedule. Unlike the rest of us, who embraced the later nights and later wake up calls. It’s amazing how in two short weeks, we have thrown ourselves off the school schedule. Except for Maura. Maura who values her sleep times. Because Maura is a wise owl. Unlike the rest of us, who instantly shed the school schedule like it was never happening again.

But it is happening. It’s happening in less than 24 hours. Tomorrow morning, around 6:30 am, we’ll be doing our best impressions of cranky zombies. Except Maura, who’ll be all “Yay! School! Bus! Woohoo!”

By 4:30 tomorrow afternoon, we should all be sniping at each other. By Tuesday, we’ll be too out of whack to be cranky. By Wednesday, we’ll probably be back into the groove, but still a little twitchy. Thursday will see us almost back to normal, in time to screw it all up again on Friday. Saturday morning, we’ll all be sleeping in. Except for Maura. Who listens to her internal clock. Because she’s wiser than the rest of us.

Meanwhile, I’ll just apologize for any crankiness on my part right now. Send coffee please.

And to everyone else about to dive back into the school routine, godspeed.



Starting off with a bang

10 Sep

Well, we’ve been in school for a full week and Maura’s decided to keep them on their toes.  I keep getting notes of “Lots of “no” today” and “Difficult time this morning”.  We’ve also now been told she can’t wear her Crocs to school because she decided to kick them off and go barefoot and was stubborn about this.

Of course, the little stinker came home, Crocs on, and kept those suckers on her feet ALL EVENING.

She also told us she had a good day at school.  A good day making her teachers earn their paychecks apparently.

I know it’s wrong, but I kind of laugh at it all.  I mean, what can you do?  Maura’s maturing, and yet not, so there will always be difficult times.  She likes doing her own thing, so she is bound to be balky getting back into the school routine.  Extended School Year (ESY) was not offered to us, so there was nothing to keep that routine in place.  And let’s face it, she’s my kid, and my mother tells stories about how I gave teachers hell, so she’s just keeping up with the proud family tradition.  Right?

It’s also funny how once again, she’s doing the opposite of what the others did.  When my other three were little, they were model students, then came home and were cranky beasts to me.  That’s actually quite the norm with little school kids adjusting to school life.  Maura has decided to do the opposite – she’s being a brat at school, then comes home and is the perfect child.

Part of me is really happy about this.  I couldn’t deal with cranky right now.

And I will state – we’re doing our best to make sure things go well at school.  We make sure she gets enough sleep.  We make sure she gets breakfast in the morning (today’s breakfast was a granola bar and eggs – yay protein!).  We send a full and relatively healthy lunch.  She gets cranky when hungry, so I’d rather extra food come home than her be hangry.  We make sure she poops (because not pooping makes her cranky too).  We’re doing our best on this side of things, I swear.  I will do what the teacher asks to make her life easier, even if it means Maura can’t bring her big My Little Pony dolls to school (she can bring dolls)…or finding a matching pair of socks so she can wear gym shoes instead of Crocs to school.

Hopefully she’ll settle down once she gets a hang of the routine again.  Otherwise, I may suggest that if they want a more cooperative student, allow Maura to start school at 9 am instead of 8 am.  Because she’s really not a morning person.  And every note home confirms that.

Not a morning person

Not a morning person




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