Prepping for more than survival

Because Winter is Coming and seasonal depression and I can’t spend the next six months in a couch fort

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Ask me how I am and I’ll probably lie to you

“I’m fine.” We all say it. We all are usually fudging a bit when we say it. Me? My pants are on fire when I say it, and yet I’ll still say it. “I’m fine.” LIES! I’m not fine. I’m stressed. Okay, I’m beyond stressed. Stress begets stress. Anxiety begets anxiety. Depression comes along and…

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I am not defined by…oh who am I kidding?

“I am not defined by my [fill in the blank]!” It’s a lovely, empowering, and dare I say it – inspirational saying.  THIS does not define me!  I am so much more than THIS! True… …but… …not quite. Everything that has happened in my life up to this very moment has had a hand in…

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