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I think I’ve reached my capacity on kids movies

25 Sep

For some reason, Maura HAD to have a copy of “The Lion King” – a movie that, until now, I’ve never actually watched.

I mean, I’m sure my kids have watched it, I know my boys watched the spin-off show “Timon and Pumba”, Miriam’s choir did the full “Circle of Life” song last year – but somehow, I missed actually viewing the whole movie.

Thanks to Maura’s need to watch movies 3928 times in a row, I have now watched “The Lion King” – or as I’ve dubbed it, “Simba Doing Stupid Things”.

Really Simba, your father is James Earl Jones, you shouldn’t be this dumb. And really? You’re gonna follow Uncle Scar around? And watch him kill your father and slap your mother around, only to trust him enough to walk away? His name is Scar! He has a British accent! Come on already!

Again – I shouldn’t be left alone with kids movies. Especially ones where one of the main songs is “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” – a happy song about eagerly awaiting your father’s death so you can snatch up all the power. How very Shakespearean.

And then I discovered that Matthew Broderick was the voice of grown Simba.

Matthew Broderick.




My friends were all “How did you not know this?” and I was all “I DON’T KNOW!”

Seriously, I don’t know how I got through the past 23 years of this movie’s existence not knowing Matthew Broderick played Adultish Simba.

Proving that no matter what your age, there’s always something new to learn.

Like “Hakuna Matata” – sure, it means “no worries” but it also seemed to be interpreted as “Yeah, so your father just died and you ran away because once again, you listened to Uncle Scar and you’ve not thought once that your mother might think you’re dead??? You made your mother worry this whole time!”

Seriously, Disney, what’s with you having characters run off? Snow White…Ariel…Simba…Elsa…okay, Rapunzel took off, but she was literally imprisoned so I support her choice. Disney is just a bad series of “People making poor choices”.

Again, maybe I just need to stop watching them all seventeen times a week. Oversaturation is a bad thing.

I just feel bad for “The Lion King” – it starts off so gloriously…the choir, the scenery, the uplifting song and tiny lion cub, James Earl Jones. “Before sunrise, he’s your son.” – what’s not to love?

Well, besides 30% of the movie being Scar going on about how he’s going to kill everyone.

Yeah, I definitely need less cartoons in my life.




Art lessons

12 Jun

I love art.  I’m sure that has nothing to do with growing up with an artist mom who dragged us to the Art Institute of Chicago on free days or had us help her man her station at art fairs as kids, or the fact that she had this room full of art supplies, and everything hanging on our walls was something she created.

I’d give tours as a kid to my friends.  “My mom made that..and that…and that…”

But I had decided that I wasn’t any good at art.  I was good at writing, so that’s where my artistic streak was channeled.  Until recently.

Last year, I went to one of those “Art and Sip” things with a friend, where we painted snowman pictures.  By the end of it, I looked at my snowman and thought “Hey, I don’t suck at this!  And it’s fun!”

$129.53 worth of painting supplies later, I had just enough to give myself a fair shot at this.

Being the overly-ambitious person that I am, I decided to try to recreate things for Maura, because in hanging a couple pictures in Maura’s room, she started collecting more things to hang on her wall. (And I have to say, discovering her love of artwork gets me all giddy!)

I decided to copy the moon from the show “Ruby Gloom” – a favorite of Maura’s.  And it came out pretty darn well.  Maura kept eyeing my progress, and when it was done and dry, grabbed it and set it on a shelf in her room until I was able to hang it on the wall.



Even better?  I discovered that painting was, in its way, calming for me.  Therapeutic even.  Just dabbing paint onto canvas, playing with the colors, it was fun.

Of course, because I love Maura and am a better mom than anyone, I decided to make her another painting.  This time, I got more ambitious and decided to copy Rapunzel’s painting from “Tangled” – another of Maura’s favorite movies.  Again, Maura hovered over my shoulder, figuring out what I was doing.  “Hairbrush!”  (Yes, that’s her word for “Tangled” – makes complete sense.)  When done, she wanted that up on the wall as well.

This one wasn’t as relaxing as the first, because I was afraid of screwing up near the end.  But I didn’t.  I got it right enough. And it totally didn’t suck either!

"Tangled" still that I worked off of

“Tangled” still that I worked off of

My decent knock-off version

My decent knock-off version

And then, I let Maura pick out a canvas print of “Frozen” – because I know my limits. And we hung them all on her wall in a grouping.  And the girl was happy, and for that moment, I was the best mom ever.

Maura's artwork corner

Maura’s artwork corner

Mothering Maura, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about all she can’t do, all we won’t share, because honestly, it would be depressing.  Instead, I cherish these moments in time, where our interests overlap, and try to make the most of them.  And in total Life-with-Maura style, I have learned something new about myself.

And who knows?  Maybe I’ll have a future in art forgery! That pays well I hear.


To Disney themeparks, and the new changes

23 Sep

Disney has changed the way visitors with disabilities can bypass the long lines.  Thanks to the jerks who abused the system, the old ways are now gone.

The old way was going through the exit to a short line of other people with disabilities, or something similar.  We’ve done this ourselves at LEGOLAND Windsor when we visited.

The new way is now going to the ride, getting a ticket for a specific time to come back to, and then come back at that time to get on the ride.

Which means walking away from the fun ride to return later.

Walking away from it.

Disney, can you see a problem here?

Sure, many people with disabilities have the ability to understand this.  And for them, I’m sure this will work just fine.  They can easily plan out their day even, and could get more out of their time at one of your parks than I probably would going on my own.

But what about those children who don’t understand this concept?  Who don’t have the cognitive abilities to understand this new plan of action.

Imagine me, with my daughter.  “Oh look!  A Tinkerbelle ride!  Okay, we’ll come back in three hours.”

<cue screaming and tantrum as I drag my unfulfilled child away from said Tinkerbelle ride>

You’re asking us parents to basically show our kids something fun then walk away from it.  “Later” is not in many of these kids vocabulary.

Every day, we cause our children upset over something they don’t understand, whether or not we want to.  It could be something as simple as “No, you can’t eat that, we’re about to have dinner.”  The last thing we want to do when taking our kid to Disneyland/world/universe is denying them over and over and over.

Yes, you had to do something, people were abusing the system.  But the ones getting punished are the ones the service was intended for.  And we parents just may not have it in us to endure it.

See, we spend our children’s lives waiting.  Waiting in doctor’s offices, waiting in therapy clinics, waiting at schools, waiting outside of schools, waiting at home for the school to call, waiting outside at churches, at movies, at sports events as our child tantrums or settles down from being overwhelmed by it all.  One of the few “perks” we get in life is the whole “fast lane” pass at theme parks, where for once, we don’t have to wait.

Theme parks are sensory overload enough for kids like ours.  Waiting can be asking too much of them, when they’re already holding on by a thread because of all that is going on around them.  Now they have to walk away and wait longer?

Yeah, that’s going to work.

I hope you give out free drinks with the wait time, because I for one will need one if I have to drag a screaming Maura away from the thing she wants to do.


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