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How to excel at social media

29 Jun

So you want to be a social media guru? Get that blog you’ve started out into the wider world of interwebs? Well, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get going!


1 – Get online

2 – write brilliant post. make sure you’re interrupted at least 73 times while writing

3 – have crappy but expensive internet service that claims to be high speed randomly stop working

4 – curse, reset router, curse some more, sacrifice chicken, get internet working again, hit “publish” on blog post

4.5 – get interrupted because your magical finding powers are needed to find something

5 – realize that some of your social media connections aren’t right, so the post isn’t publishing where it should. Fix issue. Realize the fix didn’t take. Fix again. Realize again that the fix didn’t take.

6 – Choose to manually share to all your social media outlets.

6.5 – get interrupted again by family, forget to share places

7 – Share other people’s social media stuff. Only to find out that since changing your passwords three months ago, nothing is connected correctly and you have to enter the password to share other people’s stuff to your Twitter account.

7.5 – get interrupted for requests for juice, money, or input on something

8 – Get locked out of Twitter after X amount of failed attempts because you can’t remember what your new password is

8.5- wonder once again why writing down your passwords is considered bad

10 – realize your coffee’s gone cold and consider blogging about it. re-rea

11 – repeat steps 1-10, including getting so distracted that you don’t realize there’s no #9.

There! Now you’re using social media to its fullest!


art credit – Mike Mitchell



This is where I publicly shame Facebook

14 Nov


Do me a favor-

Go to your Facebook page. Go to the search box. Type in “retard”. Now, see how many results come up? Take out the ones in foreign languages. Still leaves a large number of groups out there.

Feel free to report them to Facebook. But let me tell you one thing – they will keep that page up and tell you that it doesn’t violate community guidelines.

What brought this rant about?

A Fabeook page called Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder – or TARD for short.


Let me repeat – TARD.

Now, I’m not linking the site because nope. But one of their photos is a “calm down kit” with PECS pages. PECS – also known as Picture Exchange Communication System – something my daughter uses. Something many students with disabilities use. Because TARD.

Elsewhere, I learned that they listed the symptoms of TARD and one of its co-morbities is autism.

Because TARDS have autism. TARDS need the PECS system.


But Facebook finds this okay. This is an acceptable community group. As is all the other “retard” inspired group names like

And He was a Ra-Tard

atheists and evo-TARDS think they can trick me

Smokin’ Tards

Fuck Tards (that one is “just for fun!”)

Retard Town

Retarded Things NFL Fans Say

Retard Incorporated

Retarded Space Monkey


There’s more…but I’m tired. And Facebook is okay with this. I reported it and got the generic “This doesn’t violate community guidelines” reply. As my friend said, “It’s a shame there wasn’t a picture of a nursing mother there. My friends are reporting it as I type. I fully expect Facebook to send them the same generic response. Facebook doesn’t care that my daughter with intellectual disabilities or my friends sons with autism are used as bad political humor fodder.


ETA – Hey! You know what? Maybe if everyone who reads this post  also reports that one Facebook page I talked more about, maybe Facebook will get the hint that we as a society do not find this acceptable.

Wanna take the report challenge? LOL!


Dear Facebook

27 Apr

I don’t know how to put this, so I’m just going to be honest.

Please get your head out of your arse.



I just read an article about how Facebook shut down a mom’s page for “promoting hate” after she posted pictures of her son (who has Down Syndrome) participating in Special Olympics event.  After three days, they said “oops, our bad, carry on.”  Or something to the like.

Now, we all know Facebook can be obnoxiously vigilant about what they deem acceptable or not.  It’s okay to post pics of yourself in an itsty bitsy teeny weeny sheer thong bikini, but not of breast-feeding your baby – because the latter is the obviously porntastic photo.

But shutting down a mom’s page for posting pictures of her son having a nice time apparently on the basis that the album was titled “Special Olympics 2012” really ticks me off.  Because I know there are  pages and groups out there on Facebook that are much more offensive to people who are sensitive to special needs than a photo album about Special Olympics.

I know because I’ve reported three of them.  Two were taken down.  One – which ironically is a page called “Being Retarded” – is allowed to stay because it doesn’t promote hate speech or some excuse like that.  I guess their blurb of “we don’t mean to be offensive” means it’s all okay.  Phew!  Glad they don’t mean to be offensive!

And while pictures of a happy boy playing are so obviously promoting hate that they must be whisked off the interwebs immediately, this perky feel-good app on Facebook called “Retard of the Day” is know, to help you “Find A Retard To Pick On.” (<—actual app description)

But I’m sure all the groups and pages with the words “retard” and “retarded” in them are all just in happy innocent fun.  Which is why there are dozens and dozens of pages with those words in the title on Facebook. They don’t promote a negative stereotype at all!

I’d type more, but my eyeballs have rolled so much that I can’t really see.

Then again, maybe I should be thankful to Facebook for allowing the idea of Freedom of Speech to be alive and well, and protecting my tender eyes from the horrors that are breast-feeding photos and Special Olympics.  God knows we wouldn’t want to view that kind of crap!


side note – yes, I get that Facebook can’t monitor everything.  And yes, there is Freedom of Speech.  But sometimes, what the boys at Facebook choose to do makes abso-farkin-lutely no sense to me.  These would be some examples.  The new Timeline thing is another.  But that’s a different rant. 

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