Life with Maura, episode #827

Life is full of surprises. You just never think the surprise will be sitting on an apple core.

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Teenagers, ammirite?

So…I have that heard of teens and that one who dared to turn 21 this year. Which, in retrospect, is great, because I can send the 21 yr old on a wine run for me. Never leaving the house for the win! I love my teens. But I’m no fool. I know not to trust…

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Apparently Maura had shopping plans

I get interesting emails from Maura’s teacher. Things like “She’s bringing home food, check the backpack!”and “So Maura brought in a white cell phone that obviously doesn’t belong to her” and “Hey, so Maura brought in some sort of wine glass and a curtain? Just so you’re aware, it’s in her backpack, wrapped up safely.”…

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