Can we discuss being able-bodied?

Maura is able-bodied. And Maura’s been considered “not disabled enough” in the past.

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We were the parents picking and choosing what health services we could afford for our daughter

Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue about his son’s birth and discovery of a heart defect is making the rounds. I won’t lie – I’ve never wanted to hug a celebrity more than I did watching his video. I’m so glad everything is going well so far, and praying it will continue to go well. Near the end…

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The revolution will not be televised

I just got a bill from the pediatrician.  $641 for two well checks and two shots.  The shots were the cheap part.  Each well check cost $248. Can we say “sticker shock”? Our fantastic pediatrician in Michigan charged $60 for well checks.  A GP visit in Ireland was 60 euro (and if you had to…

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