The scars life leaves…

I remember it was some time in the middle of the week. A Wednesday or Thursday perhaps, but one of those days where there’d been a day or two of normalcy, and then a day or two of the new reality.

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To the high schoolers about to meet my daughter

Hello Classes of 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021! You all have two things in common! You’ll all be in the same high school. You will be going to school with my daughter Maura. Yeah, consider yourself #blessed right now. So you’re going to be in school with my daughter. Congratulations! Here’s what you’ll need to…

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High School Musical – the flashback therapy session

My older daughter is all into the theater. Which is expected – she’s brilliant, dramatic, and her parents met on stage. I joke that she’s more her father’s child than mine, but when she delves into theater stuff, I can see a portion of my teen years in her. I had some of my best…

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