My 14 year old graduates from 8th grade today – doesn’t that sound so normal?

Will she collect her diploma and shake hands and be good with that? Or will she bounce up onto the stage, give people hugs, shout “Woohoo!” to the crowd?

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When things go south

Yesterday, Maura had a meltdown in public. This is not new to us. When you have all the feelings and not always a way to communicate them, meltdowns happen. Usually, if we can quickly remove her from the situation, she can calm down almost instantly. The trick, yesterday, was that removing her from the situation…

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Why my daughter may never be a cover girl for disabilities

I ran across this article, about a Canadian parenting magazine that chose this precious little girl to be on their cover.  It is a fabulous story about making disabilities more mainstream in the media.  It’s a good thing.  Sometimes it seems our society is still hiding our disabled or trying to make them blend in, which…

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