We found the worst pet area ever

The one where both tiny dog and teen girl were possibly scarred for at least three hours.

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Why I never ever buy tinsel

Back in the day, I enjoyed tinsel…you know, around 1978 or so. As did my mother. See, we’re a family of magpies, attracted to all things shiny and sparkly. So when my mom found tinsel one year in the mid-80’s, there was much excitement and draping of the shiny strands of silver on the tree.…

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“Because I have kids.”

As I pulled the empty cereal bar box out of my refrigerator this morning while getting milk for my coffee, I realized that there are just some questions I’ve stopped asking because I already know the answer – “Because I have kids.” Things I’ve stopped asking – “What happened to all the food I just bought?” “Why…

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