Living in the In-between

We survive in the cracks, between the abled and disabled world. But it would be nice to be noticed sometimes, here in the in-between. 

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The other day, Maura and I went out. Originally, the plan was to just hit the drive-thru Starbuck’s (of which there are 327 in a five mile radius of my house, because Seattle.) But then she spotted “the mall” – aka our local shopping center. I thought “Well, maybe I can herd the girl to…

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A peek into life with Maura – communication skills

It was Miriam, big sister extraordinaire, who stated this truth – “Maura doesn’t have a speech disorder. She has a communication disorder.” Exactly. There’s three main branches of speech disorders – articulation, phonological, and apraxia. We all are aware of articulation disorders, where your R’s sound like L’s or you have a lisp. Both of…

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