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Teenagers, ammirite?

9 May

So…I have that heard of teens and that one who dared to turn 21 this year. Which, in retrospect, is great, because I can send the 21 yr old on a wine run for me.

Never leaving the house for the win!

I love my teens. But I’m no fool. I know not to trust them with anything. I mean, if my grown siblings and I still can’t be trusted together, why should I trust my teens?

Case in point –

Sean (the second eldest, the spare to the heir) was blowing bubbles in the house the other night. Mainly to get the Zoey dog in a lather. Because Zoey is an idiot for bubbles and leaps about biting them all.

Collin (the heir to our kingdom) thought this was hilarious. And then thought “Why not drive the dog crazy by holding her?”

The dog was like “No sir! You will not keep me from killing every bubble!” and leapt from Collin’s arms to do so.



Zoey chasing bubbles outside. See that crazy look on her face? Yeah.


I find out about all this as I walk in the next day with groceries. Because they’re blowing bubbles for the dog to attack. In the living room.

Then Collin produces a balloon. “I can’t believe we still have one left.”

See, Sean decided to cover someone’s bed in balloons on April 1st. Then the balloons were scattered over the living room. I don’t know who enjoyed it more – Maura or Zoey. Between the two of them, they eventually died.

Except one.

Which Zoey was now chasing between snapping at bubbles.

I, of course, ignore all this. Because this is what passes as normal in our house. As I walk away, I hear someone say the words “water balloon”.

“NOT IN THE HOUSE!” I yell back.

And the boys died laughing because they didn’t expect me to hear it.

Fools. My brother and I – as teenagers – had an epic water fight which ended in a truce (he with the hose at the gate, me with a super soaker pointed into the window of his brand new pick up truck) and then having to mop the kitchen floor (it wasn’t me who was using the sprayer from the sink.)

I’m a gypsy raised by wolves, who produced her own carnival. We invented shenanigans, dear offspring of mine. I know all, see all.

And remember, Mother’s Day is coming. Buy me something hard to break.



The Theme Song of the Mom of Teens cannot be played

2 Dec

Well, not over headphones

Because teenagers steal headphones.

So now, I’m listening to music on the $5 ear buds my husband bought four dozen of because headphones disappear faster than socks in a dryer in this household. I’m just going to assume that they get hungry and actually eat the headphones. Because teenagers.


19 Nov

The other day, Maura asked for “tea” – Miriam was boiling water in the electric kettle for her dose of ramen noodles, and I thought Maura wanted tea.  She’s had tea, and coffee, and the like.  This made sense.

But then she took out her tea tray (yes, she has a tea tray) and set it up – two cups, a jug of milk, and then a bowl.  She then went to the pantry and pulled out the makings for mac and cheese.

“Tea!” she said.

“Oh!” I said.

I have always found it funny, what Maura picked up in Ireland.  Public transportation use, the utterance of “emmm” instead of “ummm” and now “tea”.

She doesn’t want a hot cuppa, no, she wants that after school tea – aka, a meal.  She’d be perfectly happy with some sausages and chips I think.  But she keeps asking every day for “tea”.  Now to explain what “tea” means to the siblings, because Miriam was all set to make her a hot cuppa.

Today, there is no “tea” – the bread finally molded and Sean drank the last of the milk.  The cabinets are bare. And we actually ran out of black tea (we’re low on chamomile as well.)  No tea for anything, in any shape.  I have to go find more food before these children waste away in the next two hours.  Definitely before 5:30 pm.  Because at 5:30 pm comes the 5:30 pm question – “What’s for dinner?”

Nothing, my child.  You ate it all.

Somewhere, my brother is laughing.  Because having witnessed my children’s feeding habits…well…he thinks it’s hilarious.

Maura, eating a bowl of cereal while on vacation in Rome last January - yes, she is using a mixing bowl.  This is why I run out of food half the time

Maura, eating a bowl of cereal while on vacation in Rome last January – yes, she is using a mixing bowl. This is why I run out of food half the time

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