Anything can happen when you call me…

“I’m sorry, did you just tell your son not to lick the cat?” my friend Jen asked me once as I was babbling about something else.

I paused. “Oh. Yeah. I guess I did.”

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Every wedding rehearsal should end with a drug bust

Let me start with saying, it wasn’t any of us getting busted. Our wedding rehearsal was a drug-free zone. The neighborhood our church was in…not as much. Josh and I decided to get married in our college town, which was this weird juxtaposition of Uber Conservative Catholic College and Crackhead City. On campus was relatively…

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Another version of my awesome birth story

In a picture album my mother put together for me, on the very first page, is a big hospital photo of me that as my mom once said looked like the Late Mayor Daley (of Chicago) with a crew cut.  Next to that is the newspaper clipping of my birth announcement. It reads like any…

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