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Herding Cats – An idiom denoting a futile attempt to control or organize a class of entities which are uncontrollable or chaotic

…like my life.

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Music Monday – “Faith”

22 May

So if you’re driving about the Seattle suburbs and pull up next to an SUV that, quite frankly, looks like every third SUV on the road, you may notice this one has got its windows down and music blaring, and a mother/daughter duo singing along.

That is most likely to be us.

Maura has an eclectic taste in music. No, she hasn’t gotten into “Hamilton” as of yet – that’s still her big sister’s territory. But she can go from Moana to Bruno Mars in 3.54 seconds. It’s like how she can go from watching “Doctor Who” to “Wonderpets” – this is just how it works.

We have found a middle ground in the movie “Sing!” – a cartoon movie about animals who sing, and an X Factor type song contest. All the music though, is contemporary. So in hopes of calming down Maura’s need to search YouTube for every video made from the movie, I bought the CD.

And now we play it in the car all the time.

All. the. time.

But it’s got Queen & David Bowie doing “Under Pressure” and Stevie Wonder as well, so you know, things could be worse.

So when you pull up next to that SUV and hear music and see that mother/daughter duo – or trio, if Miriam’s with us – you could be hearing this…




Maura will be home in fifteen minutes

16 May

Time goes by in a funny fashion in our house. Between 6:20 am and 7 am, it flies. There’s barely enough time every morning to wake up and get Maura ready for the bus’s early arrival.

Then, I have between 7 am and 2:30 pm to do whatever I want.

Well, whatever I want within reason.

Well, whatever I want, but maybe after I go purchase more toilet paper and pay that one bill and get gas in the car.

Well, maybe whatever I want if I have time once I get home from errands, or in between doing that thing that actually has to be done.

Well, maybe I’ll just binge-watch some Netflix because omgitsrainingagain.

But after all that, there’s time to do whatever I want.

7 am to 9 am goes by in a blink. Then I run around doing stuff, and it’s noon. Or one pm and I haven’t had lunch yet. And I look up five minutes later, and it’s 2:15.

Daytime hours go by quickly here.

And then my alarm on my phone chimes for school release time. And five or ten minutes later, Maura will come off the bus.

This is where time goes a bit wonky.

Time sometimes speeds along, as it does. Time sometimes drags so slowly, you’d think I’d asked it to clean its room. Time sometimes goes by in a blink only to then go almost backwards. Some afternoons, I keep busy, keeping up with Maura, making the after school snack or encouraging her to do something other than watch tv. Other days, I’m thirty seconds behind her in all things as she whirls about creating chaos. Sometimes, we just curl up on sofas, my legs over hers, and we pass the afternoon away idly.

Then it’s five pm and I think I should start dinner. I look up two minutes later and it’s 6:15. Time passes so quickly then!

But at 7 pm, the clock stops some days, even as I will it to get to 8 pm as quickly as possible. 8 pm is Maura’s bedtime, and I can do that thing I wanted to do, maybe watch a show without animation.

And now, my fifteen minutes are up. The alarm for the school bus’s arrival has gone off, and once again, time flew by. I swear I just sat down five minutes ago.



The obligatory Mother’s Day gift list

10 May

So in an attempt to be a Real Blogger, I follow a few other bloggers via Twitter. They’re all doing Mother’s Day lists, and I thought, well, why not?

Also…my daughter totally reads my blog, so this works in my favor too 😉

Okay, so you have a mom. Or you have a wife, and she is mom to your offspring. Mother’s Day is THIS Sunday in America. You have nothing to give this special woman in your life.

What do you do?

  1. For God’s sake, let the woman sleep in! Seriously. Let. Her. Sleep. In. You get up early, then sit in front of the door to play goalie when the offspring come bounding down the hall at 5:43 am, and grab them before she is woken. Stuff their adorable little faces with cereal as you plop them in front of the television for three hours, letting Mom sleep in.
  2. Does she have a favorite store? Great! Get her a gift card from said store. No, don’t you try to pick out fabric for her, unless she has given you the name of the print, the yardage she needs, and a photo of said print that you can confirm things with – get her a gift card and allow her to pick out what fabric she wants. No, don’t let the kids pick out a blouse at the store she shops at – this is how she ends up with something pink leopard print with a pussy bow that she’s forced to wear to school gatherings. Just get her a gift card, let her pick out her own clothes. She likes to read? Get her a gift card to the bookstore. No, don’t pick out a book for her. Definitely don’t get her “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” or you may find yourself Konmari-ed onto the curb. If she likes coffee, get her a gift card to her favorite coffee shop – if you must get a mug with “World’s Bestest Mom” on it, put the gift card in the mug.
  3. Figure out if she’s a plant or flower person, then buy appropriately. Does she like gardening? Plant. Do dandelions shrivel up when she walks by? A nice bouquet of flowers? Does she have seasonal allergies? They make cookie and fruit bouquets.
  4. Give her the gift of a clean house. Seriously. Clean the house for her. Let her sit with her World’s Bestest Mom mug and cookie bouquet and watch you clean. She may cry a little – that’s normal, and those are happy tears.
  5. Let her nap. I know, you let her sleep in, but this mom in your life hasn’t slept since giving birth. Let her nap as well. Maybe get her a hammock, then let her nap in said hammock.
  6. Think outside the box. Maybe your mom needs a Wonder Woman tee (I mean, who doesn’t?). Maybe the woman really wants a Kitchen Aide mixer. Maybe she’s been dying to paint her bedroom, but like everything else, she’s put that last on her list.
  7. Clean out the family vehicle without criticism. Yes, we know, it’s covered in crumbs and straw wrappers and God only  knows what dribbled into the cup holder to cause that sticky mess. Just get to it, make the kids help, while she sits in a lawn chair sipping on a wine slushie. We all know why the car is in that state <glances at kids>
  8. Let her nap again. Seriously. The woman is tired.
  9. Get her that spa day. We’re never going to take the time to get a massage, so force it on us.
  10. Just do something. Anything. We’ll appreciate it. Homemade card by kids? Love it. Dandelions picked by the 3 yr old? Adore. The other parent grilling burgers for dinner, forgetting all the burger toppings, and eating off napkins? It’s a meal we didn’t make so hooray! But first, just let us sleep in.



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