I am a mother who is trying to be a writer. I’m trying to make it a priority and make other people see it’s a priority. 

But I have Maura too.

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Life Interrupted

“No excuses!” life shouts at me. “But…you see-” “NO EXCUSES!” society shouts, cutting me off. And there is my excuse. “You keep saying you’re cleaning your house but…” they say as they wave their hand to note the piles of crap everywhere, waiting for the final sorting and putting away phase. “You keep saying you’re…

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She’s as crafty as the rest of us

Today, I bribed Maura into taking a shower by promising Starbuck’s. She prefers baths over showers, but I didn’t want to devote our whole morning into luring her out of said bath tub, so bribery it is. Okay, selfish bribery because I like Starbuck’s too. So we get all cleaned and groomed and brush our…

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