And then, the good day and the understanding doctor

18 Dec

It seems lately, every time there’s a note or call from school, it’s because Maura’s being an obnoxious brat (my words, not the school’s!)  Her teachers have been so good about it all, nothing but understanding.

So yesterday, when I noticed I missed a call from the school but there was no voice mail, I may have panicked.  I called Josh and asked if the school called him.

They did.

He also totally cringed when he saw the school’s number pop up.

But the teacher called to say that Maura was having the best day of the school year so far, she was being fantastic, and whatever we were doing at home, keep it up because it was working.

We did move her bedtime back a little more (originally it was at 9 pm, then 8:30, now we’re shooting for 8 pm.)  But more importantly, Maura pooped.  She pooped a LOT.  I’m pretty sure I could hear the toilet weeping as Josh spent way too much time having to plunge it.

Yes, TMI.  But also, our reality.

When Maura got off the bus, she was still in the Best Mood Ever! I was banking on this great mood for when I took her to the chiropractor to get some orthotics for her shoes.  Since Maura has graduated to just needing a little something in her shoes to keep her arches up, this was the easiest solution (not to mention cheaper, because to get orthotics through the children’s hospital means paying the $250 facility fee for each visit so she can get something just like what the chiropractor can order.)

My chiropractor’s office is awesome.  Maura’s been with me a couple times (and refuses to get adjusted but we’re working on that) so knows it’s a pretty friendly place.  And after our bummer of a neurologist visit the day before, I was really hoping for a more positive experience with Maura and a doctor.

Of course it was.  Maura was at her best, and the chiropractor worked perfectly with her, starting with “Hey Maura, can I get a hug?”  Maura loves to give out hugs, but she’s been taught that not every single person should get a hug, so when she meets someone, she’ll stick out her hand for a handshake.  Needless to say, she was happy to give the doctor a hug.  He showed her the little platform she’d have to stand on, and Maura decided to get dramatic.

“I’m scared!” she said, shivering and hugging herself.

Now, as Maura’s mom, I could tell she was playing the drama card.  So I did laugh a little.  The doctor however was more sympathetic, and showed her how it all worked.  She tried getting on, then took a step back again.  He was patient and explained things again.  I got on, and we showed her how it just took pictures of her feet, and how they showed up on the computer. Maura was now keen to get pictures of her feet and gingerly stepped up on the platform.  She followed his directions, placing her feet just so.  Her feet were scanned.  There were high fives and more hugs and promises of cocoa.  She waved goodbye to everyone, with a “Goodbye Doctor!” to the chiropractor who took all the time needed to listen to her and help her understand things while also following my cues.

I told Maura that she had been very brave and how we were going to go to Starbuck’s next.

Of course, when we got in the car, the song “Moves Like Jagger” came on, and I had to sit in the car trying not to laugh as Maura sang along with the whole dang song!  I’m not quite sure how she knows the whole tune, it’s not a song on constant rotation here.  But there she was, singing along, belting out the word “moo-o-O-o-oves” in the back seat.

Proving, yet again, that she is full of surprises still.

“He’s just not that into you.”

17 Dec

Yesterday, we took Maura to see a new neurologist.  I made the appointment back in the summer, when we were having all the troubles getting an EEG done.  I was feeling less than enamored with the children’s hospital and another mom told me to try a different hospital.

“It’ll be great!” she said.  “They see you right away!  There’s offices on this side of the lake! They really listen!”

So I called.

Their first available was October.

Well…okay.  We continued with the children’s hospital, got the EEG finally done, weaned Maura off meds, went back for a check up, all while waiting for the October appointment…which got cancelled last minute by the hospital and had to be rescheduled for December.

For those playing the home game, that was five months later.  So in the “They’ll see you right away!” category, they failed.

I also didn’t get to stay on this side of the lake.  Again. for home game players, the Seattle area is sort of divided up in two parts – Seattle and Eastside, with a big lake, a couple bridges and tons of traffic separating the two.  We’re Eastsiders.  I hate traffic.  I like not having to cross the bridge for things like medical appointments.  I will say, the children’s hospital has managed to keep us on this side of the area.

The new hospital…”Okay, so we’ll see you at the Seattle campus.”


So we picked up Maura early from school yesterday to finally take her to this appointment.  The original reasons for going – the EEG and medicine weaning – were no longer issues.  But I thought maybe, just maybe, we’d find someone who could look at Maura differently.  Who’d be interesting in her case.

We didn’t get that.

We did get to wait…and wait a little bit more.  Not a horrendous amount of wait time, but more than we’ve had in a while.  The doctor finally came in, and it started off well.  He tried chatting with Maura, asking her name, how old she was, about school.  Maura answered a few things.

But then it was a lot of “Well, she’s got what she’s got, there’s no changing that, you need to accept things.” and “Well, let me explain seizures to you.”

Um…wait.  Did I just turn back time about seven years?  It felt like I was getting the “new to this” speech for parents.

I tried explaining how when Maura first started seizure meds, we saw a huge leap in her skills.  He said “Oh, that was probably a coincidence.” and explained that a big leap in development like that would have only happened if she was having multiple seizures a day, not the occasional one.  When we tried to explain that no, it really was significant, he insisted that what we saw was just a coincidence.

So I mentioned how with her first EEG, it showed seizure activity even though she was acting normal.  He also poo-poo’ed that, that it wasn’t what we thought, that something like that would be very rare.

Hi, meet Maura.

At that point, I felt deflated.  Once again, we had waited all this time for an appointment only to be told that coming there was sort of pointless, just accept she’ll never have a diagnosis, it wouldn’t change anything anyway.  He came in with this speech almost rehearsed.  It honestly felt that way to me.

I wish sometimes that when I call for these sorts of appointments, they would just be honest.  “We’re not that interested in your child. We can’t help you.”  It would save me two hours of sitting around the office.  Also, I dislike the “I’ve just met you, I’ve read part of her file, but I know more than the doctor who ran the tests and saw her every few months for three years before the test was run and watched her grow and develop.”

Instead, we got yet another brush off.  Except he would like to see us in 8-10 months.  I’m not sure why.  I don’t know if I’ll follow up with him – if Maura’s not having seizures and there’s no reason to pursue a diagnosis. why bother?

It’s just a bit tiring, to go to specialists who just aren’t that into you.  I’m a bit over it.

The things I think while scrolling through Pinterest

15 Dec

I love Pinterest.  It’s my favorite time-wasting website of all.  But that said, there are certain thoughts that pop into my head while browsing through the site.

For instance, I love looking at home design pictures.  But then these thoughts run through my head…

“Is that supposed to be a kid’s room?  It’s too neat and has no Legos.  There is a whimsical rabbit portrait on the wall.  And a hand-carved wooden rocking horse.  Maybe it is supposed to be a kid’s room.  It must have been designed by a person who doesn’t have kids…”

“There are too many chevrons in the world.”

“White countertops – oh look, my worst nightmare.”

“Okay, that’s cool, but there’s no way I could just artfully stack stuff on my floor.  That’s for single people.”

“Seriously, could the chevron trend die already?”

“I need more yellow things in my house.”

“Stores with pallets must hate Pinterest.”

“For the cost of two pallets, the foam padding, and the chevron fabric, I could buy a real couch at Ikea.”

“Okay, I need a teal wall…and a teal couch…I wonder if Ikea sells teal couches….”

Meanwhile, over in the holiday section….

“I don’t have time for all that.”

“Seriously, who has time for all that?”

And in parenting…

“Ten things to do with your daughter before she turns ten…sigh…too late.”

“Twelve things you must do with your sons before they turn twelve – missed that boat.”

“How to potty train your 2 yr old in one day….ahahahahahahaa!”

“Where’s the “how to get your 11 yr old special needs kid to poop” articles?”

“I should have written “Go the F*ck to Sleep”…I could have…”


“Why are these four years old dressing better than me?”

Over in the fashion/style pins…

“Can we all stop pinning the jeans/sweater or tee/scarf outfits?”

“Contouring looks like something I would massively screw up.”

“Wait…is that a braid made to look like a bow?”

“Is that a braid made to look like a butterfly?’

“Is that a braid made to look like a Christmas tree???”

“I blame “Frozen” for all the braids.”

“Oh look, more tee/jeans/scarf styles.”

“Where’s the chubby short girl styles?  I need those!”

And in recipes…

“I’m going to pin healthy recipes!”

“Oh look a recipe for apple handpies with salted caramel.  I should pin that instead.”

“Why are we mashing cauliflower?”

“Oh look! A recipe for sangria! I should pin that!”

“Okay, I’ll also pin this avocado and tomato salad pin as well.”

“I shouldn’t even know what an Oreo ball is.”

“Make your own caramel iced coffee?  Okay, I probably never will but I’m going to pin it anyway.”

“Is it really a recipe if the first ingredient is a box of cake mix? “


“that looks really good…and really complicated…and really expensive to make…but really good…”

“Would anyone notice if I licked the computer screen?”

But in the Geek section…

“Ohh! Doctor Who reference!”

“Ha! A “Firefly only has one season” joke!”

“Oh! Supernatural!”

“Oooo…witty Sherlock joke..”

“I should probably watch Avengers…”

“Still not watching or reading Game of Thrones.  Don’t have time for all that.”

“Someday I will find that blasted wardrobe to Narnia!”

And one pin to sum up all of the healthy/fitness pin thoughts…



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